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Put The WOW Factor In Your Next Event?

Live On Location T-Shirt Printing…..Generating a buzz – while generating goodwill!
Your Custom ImageWear Live On Location Team brings the T -Shirt printing process directly to your event, giving your visitors, attendees and guests the opportunity to create their own customized, quality T-Shirt takeaway - right on the spot!
Live On location T-Shirt screen printing is an interactive and integral part of your event, involving, motivating, entertaining and exciting your attendees by creating for them their own, one of a kind, immediate tangible takeaway.
Live On Location T-Shirt screening is your perfect crowd pleasing choice for:
* Corporate Events
* Brand Promotions
* Sporting & Club Events
* Concerts & Shows
* Festivals & Fairs
* Trade and Consumer Shows
* Fundraisers
* Workshops
* Product Launches
* Farm Shows
or just about anywhere your attendees will gather!
Whether printing keepsake T-Shirts, attention grabbing promotional T-Shirts or pride and recognition T-Shirts, each customized garment will expose your brand, identity or message to your audience, attendees and guests immediately!
At the event, guests choose from the predetermined designs, colours and sizes on display and create their very own custom screened T-Shirt right on the spot! Their personalized premium quality T-Shirts are ready to wear and completed in minutes.
Live On location T-Shirt printing is your perfect choice for an easy to budget, affordable traffic stopper providing instant gratification while providing you with instant branding!
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