Other Stuff You Should Know!

* Each of our Live On Location Teams can create an average of 500 customized T-Shirts per day.
* We are completely self-contained and bring all the equipment, garments, software and expertise needed directly to your event to make it a success.
* We can work from our portable production studio or set up in a mutually desirable designated area. Please check with us for space requirements as these may vary depending on your specific needs and goals.
* Access to electrical outlets is essential, including:
: 1 - 230 volt 20 amp plug for our large dryer (large events high volume)
: 1 - 110 volt 20 amp plug for our small dryer
: 4 - 110 volt 15 amp plugs for our lights and heat presses.
: If permitted, generators can often be used outdoors.
We look forward to working with you to make your next event, memorable, exciting and to help you meet your objectives!
For further information and a detailed Live On Location T-Shirt printing quotation for your next event please contact us now
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